SSA #45 Reconstitution RFP


SSA #45 is looking for a knowledgeable agency to help us reconstitute SSA #45. Companies with demonstrated experience in urban planning, business district design, community engagement, economic development, are invited to respond to this RFP. The following are the key high-level Service objectives the Far South Community Development Corporation expects to achieve through the procurement:

  • Project Plan
  • Vision Statement
  • Refine Boundaries
  • Prepare a Map
  • Prepare a PIN Database
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment
  • Establish metrics and baseline data, etc.

Deadline is Central Time on Friday, March 30, 2018. The RFP and appropriate companion documents can be downloaded below.

[ddownload id=”2022″ text=”SSA 45 RECONSITUTION RFP”] [ddownload id=”2023″ text=”SSA 45 DISCLOSURE”][ddownload id=”2024″ text=”SSA 45 CORRIDOR MAP”]