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FS LIVE & COMMUNITY  is a resource center focusing on meeting the needs of Chicago’s far south side and south suburban Cook County. We help strengthen existing community services and create new ways to help you live a healthier, richer life.

In partnership with Genesis Housing Services, we can help with:

  • Buying A Home
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  • Debt Counseling
  • Utilities and more…

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NHS Home Buyer Course, CBA Energy Savers, Safety Officers Grant & Community Connections Home Buyer Assistance

Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP)

The Micro Market Recovery Program is a community revitalization initiative that focuses on small geographic areas to help mitigate the effects of the foreclosure crisis.

In each MMRP area, the City is working with sister agencies and the following community partners: Austin Coming Together, Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation, Garfield Park Community Council, Southwest Organizing Project, The Resurrection Project, Greater Chatham Initiative, Englewood Neighborhood Housing Services, Far Southside Community Development Corporation, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and West Humboldt Neighborhood Housing Services.

The MMRP provides a multitude of resources designed to help stabilize communities.


Dear MMRP Community Partners,

As we all know, there has been great concern throughout our neighborhoods about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even so, we want to continue to work hard and serve our neighborhoods during this crisis. Let’s continue to find new and creative ways to reach the people in our 10 neighborhoods. Please, share this information with your communities, families and all who are in search of additional resources.

Thank you


For up-to-date news on the City’s health, financial, food and housing resources, visit the “Latest Resources” page on the City of Chicago’s website.

Latest Guidance



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CHECK and make sure a property is within a MMRP target area HERE

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For those looking to become a homeowner, NHS is providing a Home Buyer Education Course to prepare individuals for the process of buying a home. Learn about the basics of budgeting, improving your credit, understanding the closing process and down payment assistance programs.
The regular cost of this course is $99, but use the discount code NHSC49 for a significant reduction in price.

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Chicago Bungalow Association’s Energy Savers

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Community Connections Home Buyer Assistance

Safety Officers

Community Connections Home Buyer Assistance

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MMRP $15k Down Payment Assistance

The MMRP DPA purchase assistance deferred/forgivable loan helps prospective homeowners with their down payment. The criteria for this program is as follows:

▪ Provides down payment grant to first time home buyers of $15,000 to purchase a property within a MMRP Target Area;
▪ Must attend a HUD certified 8-hour Homeownership Workshop & Landlord Training for 2-4 flat property;
▪ Household must occupy the property as a primary place of residence (with minimum 5-year recapture period);
▪ Must be a 1-4 unit property, including condos;
▪ Household Income up to 120% AMI
▪ MMRP DPA will take a 3rd position lien and is a layer able product
▪ Conventional Loans Only (No FHA)

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Here is a link to the Public Safety Officer Home Buyer Assistance Program Checklist


Stay Safe

Protecting yourself and those around you (CDC)

Symptoms of Coronavirus (CDC)

What to Do If You Are Sick (CDC)

Grant & Community Connections Home Buyer Assistance


We regret to inform you that all of our grants slots have been filled. The Department of Housing has a wait list that you can sign onto to be considered for any future opportunities: You can also reach out to 311 with any questions about the grant.
If you have non-grant related questions or comments. Contact Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

State of Illinois COVID-19 Response Center: